Got errands? Now is the time

Raymond Chen

This upcoming Sunday is the Super Bowl, the championship game for a sport played only in the United States.¹

The entire country stops doing anything when the game is on. This makes it a perfect time to get out and run your errands, because the streets will be completely empty.

Check out this traffic map at the kickoff of the 2014 Super Bowl. For fun, you can go backward in time in 10-minute increments and watch the traffic slowly die out as the start of the game approaches.

If you’re a photographer, it’s a good time to go take pictures of public places, because they will all be deserted.

It’s also a good time to go to Costco, though you should wait until the game has started. It takes time for all the people getting last-minute party supplies to drain out.

¹ Well, Canada has their own variant. They’re so cute, those Canadians.

Bonus chatter: The American Football League of China is a real thing.


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