Microspeak: All-up

Raymond Chen

Here are some citations. Let’s see if we can figure out what it means.

I think a presentation of these results would be a fun boost for the team. Is this something we should handle in a bunch of teams’ weekly meetings, or should we do something all up?

In the first citation, all up appears to mean “with everybody all together.”

We’re looking for an all-up view of the various compatibility mitigations we have related to this feature.

In the second citation, all up could mean “overview” or “detailed summary”. Not sure yet. Let’s keep looking.

From the all up performance effort, we’ve settled on the approach below.

Okay, this seems to suggest that all up refers to an aggregation of individual items. Let’s try again:

We have a number of channels for disseminating information. I think an all up destination could play a key and proactive role in major announcements such as the one from last week.

Here, all up appears to mean “consolidated, comprehensive”. Let’s keep going.

Document title: XYZ All Up Glossary

This document is a glossary. Presumably is a glossary of terms you may encounter throughout the entire XYZ project. One last citation, this from a status report:

  • This week: Created Customer All up report.
  • Next week: Update Customer all up report with more customer related information.

Okay, this didn’t actually tell me much about what an all up report is, which is kind of a bummer because I was asked to create an all up report, and I still don’t know if what I created is what the person wanted.

(I ended up creating a report that summarized the status of every team, and called out issues that were noteworthy or reasons for concern. The person who asked for the report didn’t complain, so I guess that was close enough to what they wanted that they didn’t bother asking for more.)


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