How did Spicy Hot V-8 vegetable juice get added to the complimentary beverages in Microsoft kitchens?

Raymond Chen

Today is Election Day in the United States. Don’t forget to vote. (Void where prohibited.) In honor of Election Day, I figured I’d tell a story about voting.

One of the complimentary beverages available in Microsoft kitchens is Spicy Hot V-8. (Sure it’s tasty, but watch out for the sodium content!)

I remember well when Spicy Hot V-8 was added to the refrigerators. At the 1992 Company Meeting, Bill Gates and then-head of HR Mike Murray appeared on stage to read questions submitted by employees ahead of time. One of the questions was “Can we carry Spicy Hot V-8 in the kitchens?”

Mike Murray decided to put the matter to a voice vote.

The measure “passed” overwhelmingly.

Spicy Hot V-8 appeared in the kitchens the next morning.


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