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Happy birthday .NET with Chris Sells

In February, we threw a big .NET birthday bash with Microsoft Alumni and product teams. We caught up with Chris Sells who is currently a Product Manager at Google, and before that a Program Manager at Microsoft. Chris has been part of the .NET developer community since the beginning and he tells us a few great stories in this fun interview.

Book of the week: ASP.NET Core succinctly, by Simone Chiaretta and Ugo Lattenzi

In ASP.NET Core Succinctly, seasoned authors Simone Chiaretta and Ugo Lattanzi update you on all the advances provided by Microsoft’s landmark framework. Learn the foundations of the library, understand the new versions of ASP.NET MVC and Web API, and you’ll have everything you need to build .NET web applications on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

ASP.NET Core Succinctly

You can get the book now, for free!

Game of the Week: We are the Dwarves

We are the Dwarves is a real-time tactical adventure game. Set in a world where the Dwarven stars are slowly dying, you must guide three astronauts through their expedition to find a new star in the depths of the Endless Stone. Each dwarf has individual abilities and skill trees, letting you customize to your play style. Pay close attention to the hostile environment as you lay out your tactical strategy when fighting your enemies.

We are the Dwarves

We are the Dwarves was created by Whale Rock Games using C# and Unity. It is available Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Meetup of the week: Productivity in Visual Studio 2017 with GitHub, .NET Core, and Docker in San Francisco, CA

The Bay .NET user group has a two-part meeting on Thursday, April 27 at 6:30PM featuring excellent speakers: Sara Ford will talk about the GitHub extension for Visual Studio 2017, and Beth Massi will tell you all about .NET Core, Docker, and microservices.





The F# weekly is taking a break this week, but F# links will be back next week.





Game Development

And this is it for this week!

Contribute to the week in .NET

As always, this weekly post couldn’t exist without community contributions, and I’d like to thank all those who sent links and tips. The F# section is provided by Phillip Carter, the gaming section by Stacey Haffner, the Xamarin section by Dan Rigby, and the UWP section by Michael Crump.

You can participate too. Did you write a great blog post, or just read one? Do you want everyone to know about an amazing new contribution or a useful library? Did you make or play a great game built on .NET? We’d love to hear from you, and feature your contributions on future posts:

This week’s post (and future posts) also contains news I first read on The ASP.NET Community Standup, on Weekly Xamarin, on F# weekly, and on The Morning Brew.


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