The week in .NET – Happy birthday .NET with Robin Cole, TinyORM, 911 Operator

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This week on the show, we’ll speak with Don Schenck about Red Hat. We’ll take questions on Gitter, on the dotnet/home channel and on Twitter. Please use the #onnet tag. It’s OK to start sending us questions in advance if you can’t do it live during the show.

Happy birthday .NET with Robin Cole

In February we got together with many Microsoft alumni and current employees for a huge .NET Birthday bash. We spoke to Robin Cole, who joined Microsoft in 2005 working on many projects including Expression and Visual Studio. In this quick interview, she shares her thoughts on developers and designers and exciting future ahead.

Package of the week: TinyORM

TinyORM is a new micro-ORM for .NET that automates connection and transaction management, that is simple and easy to use correctly.

Game of the Week: 911 Operator

911 Operator is an indie simulation game. Ever wanted to see what it was like to be a 911 operator? Well, now you can! In 911 Operator, you’ll manage emergency lines by answering incoming calls and reacting appropriately. Give first aid instructions, dispatch emergency respondents or even choose to ignore the call which could very well be from a prankster. In 911 Operator, you can play in any city of the world by using Free Play mode to download real maps, which of course includes real addresses, streets and emergency infrastructure.

911 Operator

911 Operator was created by Jutsu Games using C# and Unity. It is available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

Meetup of the week: Global Azure Bootcamp in Miami, FL

The dotnetmiami user group hosts their Global Azure Bootcamp this Saturday at 9:00AM in Miami.





New F# language Suggestions:

There was a major F# conference two weeks ago, F# eXchange. You can view all of the talks online here. If you wish to see all the new and exciting areas where F# is going, please watch them. They’re entirely free.

Check out F# Weekly for more great content from the F# community.



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Game Development

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