The week in .NET – 2/11/2016

Bertrand Le Roy

This issue of the Week in .NET is slightly late, and I apologize for that. I was visiting some customers in California for the first half of the week, and they’ve kept me very busy. I’m writing this post on the plane to Seattle. While I was in LA, I also visited the LADOTNET user group, where I talked about .NET Core, C# 6, and the future of C#. You can find links to my slides in the .NET section below.

To read last week’s post, see The week in .NET – 2/2/2016.


Last week on On .NET, we had Scott Hunter, who is the new director of Program Management for .NET, in other words my grand-boss.

We’ll be live on Friday 10AM Pacific Time, instead of our usual Thursday time. I’m happy to announce that our guest for this week is Aaron Stannard. We’ll talk about Akka.NET, the actor framework for .NET, and about Aaron’s other projects NBench and DotNetty.

Package of the week: Polly

In a world of increasingly distributed applications, exception handling is not always the most convenient way of handling transient errors and the flow associated with them. For instance, if you’re communicating with a distant service, you may want to implement a retry policy in case it fails. Polly provides a fluent API that easily expresses such policies.

Tool of the week: DotNetAPIs

DotNetAPIs is an extremely impressive web site that acts as an API documentation aggregator and search engine for a boatload of .NET APIs and libraries. The way it can be so exhaustive is by analyzing all NuGet packages, and extracting their built-in XML documentation. It’s a great, and very useful idea. An essential new tool for all .NET developers.

User group of the week: Baltimore Software Patterns Practice

Claudio Sanchez is going to talk at the Baltimore Software Patterns Practice group on Tuesday, February 16 at 7:00PM about Slack-driven development.




Check out F# Weekly for more great content from the F# community.


Global Game Jam 2016 Submission

Become an explorer who has encountered a small tribe in Cannibroth. The tribe only communicates through dance and you must respond with the proper moves or be tossed into the pot and turned into carrot food!


And this is it for this week!

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This week’s post (and future posts) also contains news I first read on ASP.NET’s community spotlight, on F# weekly, on ASP.NET Weekly, on Dirk Strauss’ The Daily Six Pack, and on Chris Alcock’s The Morning Brew.


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