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F# 5 and F# tools update

We're excited to announce some updates to F# 5 today! We shipped a lot of preview features since F# 5 preview 1, and they have all been stabilizing since that release. Today, we're happy to announce some minor additions to F# 5 and talk about some pretty cool performance work we've been doing. Here's how you get the latest release: ...

Using ML.NET for deep learning on images in Azure

This post will show you how to train a custom image classification model in Azure to categorize flowers using ML.NET Model Builder. Then, you can leverage your existing .NET skills to consume the trained model inside a C# .NET Core console application. Best of all, little to no prior machine learning knowledge is required.

Announcing the .NET Core Uninstall Tool 1.0!

Today we are releasing the .NET Core Uninstall Tool for Windows and Mac! Starting in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.3, Visual Studio manages the versions of the SDK and runtime it installs. In previous versions, SDKs and runtimes were left on upgrade in case those versions were targeted or pinned with . We realized this was not ideal and might...

ASP.NET Core Apps Observability

Based on interactions with customers using .NET Core in different environments, this article explores options for adding observability to .NET Core apps. Looking specifically into OpenTelemetry and Application Insights SDKs to add observability to a sample distributed application.