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ASP.NET MVC Framework Preview 2 (Mix 2008) Resources

I am attempting to compile the relevant resources for ASP.NET MVC Framework Preview 2 at one place so that you will not have to keep searching around...ASP.NET MVC Preview 2 Download Location:Preview 2 Download (English-US) - Microsoft.com download location to get the latest MVC bits...ASP.NET MVC Documentation:Home Page - Asp.Net home page ...

Tooling Features Overview of ASP.NET MVC Framework for MIX 2008

There has been a tremendous positive response on ASP.NET MVC Framework from the community since we released the December 2007 CTP of ASP.NET Extensions.  With MIX 2008 coming closer our teams have been super busy in trying to bring out value additions to ASP.NET MVC Framework.  ScottGu, in his ASP.NET MVC Road-map post, recently ...

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