Get started with .NET 8 and AI using new quickstart tutorials

Jordan Matthiesen

Looking to the year ahead, we’ve got some great updates coming for .NET developers working with artificial intelligence (Check out Our Vision for .NET 9 to learn more). If you’ve been thinking of infusing your existing .NET apps with generative AI & Large Language Models (LLMs), now is a great time to dive in and we have new quickstarts to help you out.

Get hands on and learn AI using new .NET quickstarts

We’ve just released a new set of quickstarts that you can use with large language models from OpenAI (more models are also coming soon):

Each quickstart takes you step-by-step through the code you need to accomplish the topic, using the Azure OpenAI SDK. Very soon we’ll also include versions of these samples using the Semantic Kernel SDK (we’ll share a post here when these are ready).

Learn more about the core concepts

If ChatGPT, LLMs, models, and OpenAI are terms that are new to you or you’re just starting out in this space, here are a few additional resources you can use to help learn the core concepts and explore further:

Share your feedback and connect with our team

In the weeks ahead, we’ll continue to share out AI tutorials, samples and other resources on this blog (keep a watch on our AI category.

As you continue on your AI explorations with .NET, let us know how it’s going – we’d love to learn from you about how we can make it fun and easy for you to integrate AI into your applications. Please take the .NET + AI developer survey. Your feedback really helps us make sure we’re focusing on the right work.


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  • Lloyd Atkinson 0

    Not even one mention of ML.NET, not sure what to think about that. As this is all OpenAI/ChatGPT API’s, seems inaccurate to suggest any of this needs .NET 8 in the title.

    • Jordan MatthiesenMicrosoft employee 1

      Hey there – The focus of this post was around a new set of OpenAI quickstarts and we didn’t discuss ML.NET because there are already ML.NET tutorials available. These quickstarts also focus on using .NET 8 to work with the native Azure OpenAI SDK (and soon Semantic Kernel), instead of (for example) generic REST API calls.

  • Onur Gümüş 0

    Are these Azure specific or can be used with openAI’s chatgpt as well?

    • Jordan MatthiesenMicrosoft employee 0

      These quickstarts also work with OpenAI and we’re adding some clarifying details in the docs about this. They all use the Azure OpenAI SDK, which can be used with Open AI if you pass in only an OpenAI key, and instead of “deployment name” you’d pass the name of the model you want to use.

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