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Conversation about skills and learning

Conversation with .NET engineers about dev skills and learning. They share their perspectives on the skills and aptitudes needed to be successful on the team, and how important learning on the job is versus any specific skills that you walk in the door with. They also share the journeys they have taken on personal and career development.

Conversation about networking

Another great conversation with .NET engineers, this time about networking in .NET. They share their perspective on network protocols, the differences and benefits between HTTP 1 through 3, the architecture of the .NET networking stack, and how YARP has been a great stress test for the architecture and performance.

Conversation about diagnostics

Conversation with .NET engineers about diagnostics, profiling and observability. They share their perspective on performance, observability in production, the architecture of new features, and recent enhancements that they expect will get the most attention.

Conversation about .NET interop

Conversation with .NET engineers about native, language, and operating system interop. They share their perspectives on modern programming languages, low-level concepts like calling conventions and marshaling, performance, comparing .NET and Java Interop, and a new project that adds support for Interop with Objective-C.

Conversation about PGO

Conversation with .NET engineers about profile guided optimization (PGO). They share their perspectives on how PGO works, how it improves even sophisticated compilers, other platforms that have good PGO systems, and what .NET is doing to provide better performance with PGO.