Prashanth Govindarajan

Software Engineer, .NET Libraries

I'm a .NET Libraries developer with a focus on System.Text.RegularExpressions, Numerics, and DataFrame. I also occasionally work on problems in the data science space.

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Introducing the Half type!

The IEEE 754 specification defines many floating point types, including: binary16, binary32, binary64 and binary128. Most developers are familiar with binary32 (equivalent to float in C#) and binary64 (equivalent to double in C#). They provide a standard format to represent a wide range of values with a precision acceptable for many ...

An Introduction to DataFrame

Last month, we announced .NET support for Jupyter notebooks, and showed how to use them to work with .NET for Apache Spark and ML.NET. Today, we're announcing the preview of a DataFrame type for .NET to make data exploration easy. If you've used Python to manipulate data in notebooks, you'll already be familiar with the concept of a DataFrame...

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