ASP.NET SignalR 2.4.0

Brady Gaster

We’ve just shipped the final 2.4.0 version of ASP.NET SignalR, the version of SignalR for System.Web and/or OWIN-based applications. As we mentioned in a previous post on the future of ASP.NET SignalR, 2.4.0 is a minor release which contains some small bug fixes and updates. The majority of the features and fixes we implemented for ASP.NET SignalR were outlined in the 2.4.0 Preview 2 post.

Support for StackExchange Redis 2.0

In 2.4.0 we’re adding support for the new 2.0 release of the StackExchange.Redis package. If you’re using StackExchange’s Redis package in your SignalR apps and you want to update to the StackExchange Redis 2.0 version, you’ll need to remove your existing package reference to Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Redis, then add a reference to the new Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.StackExchangeRedis package.

Once you make the package reference changes, you’ll also want to replace calls to the UseRedis method with UseStackExchangeRedis.

Your Feedback is Welcome and Appreciated

We recommend you try upgrading to 2.4.0. Your feedback is critical to making sure we produce a stable and compatible update, and has contributed to the continued success of our real-time libraries! You can find details about the release on the releases page of the ASP.NET SignalR GitHub repository.


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