Load Testing Webinar

Brian Harry

On Thursday, Jan 23rd, Chuck Sterling and Manas Maheshwari will be presenting a Webinar on using VS Ultimate along with VS Online to get started with load testing quickly and easily.  You can register to attend here. I honestly can’t imagine how anyone could consider shipping any web site or service that’s part of some important business function without incorporating load testing into their development regimen.  Load testing helps you uncover bugs, deadlocks and race conditions that only happen under load, helps you find performance and scale bottle necks that drag the app down in peak hours and helps you find memory and other resource leaks that can cause the app to degrade over time.  It’s a critical part of ensuring the app is always working and that you aren’t fighting fires every day. For additional info, you can read a post that Ed Glas wrote a couple of months ago about how we use load testing to validate TFS and VS Online. Hope to see you there,



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