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Team Foundation Server and the Future

As you can tell from the cadence of releases and information coming out, TFS 2005 is getting pretty close to shipping.  We've entered what we call "escrow".  That means we think we've fixed everything we need to fix and are performing our final full test pass to ensure that there haven't been any new bugs introduced recently or ...
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Update on the TFS MSSCCI Provider

I want to appologize for the problems people have experienced with strong name signing and the updated MSSCCI provider.  We should not have posted it with a manual work around of disabling strong name signing for the test key.  Although many developers will already have it disabled for testing their own code, it's generally a bad ...
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An updated TFS MSSCCI provider is available

Yesterday we posted the latest update of the TFS MSSCCI provider.  In addition to the support for VS6 in the last pre-release, this new version also works with VS2003, VS2002 and FoxPro.  It is likely it will also work with other MSSCCI enabled environments (like the SQLServer tools, PowerBuilder, etc.) but no testing has been done ...
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TFS Release candidate survey

I posted (briefly) the other day about the release candidate being available.  We are trying really hard to get good feedback from you about the setup/upgrade experience.  It's clearly something we struggled with early in the product cycle and we've made a great many improvements in it since Beta 3.  We think we've got it ...
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