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ALM Summit 2011 in Redmond – Nov 14-18

Now that BUILD has wrapped up and hopefully most of you are busy trying out the VS 11/TFS 11 developer preview, I wanted to let you know about an event that I will be speaking at in November.  At the ALM Summit in Redmond, November 14-18th, we get a chance to talk about the process of making great software.  We intentionally had ...

Deleting a Team Project from the Team Foundation Service on Windows Azure

I've seen a few questions come up about this.  Two questions, actually: Question: How do I delete a Team Project Collection on the Team Foundation Service? Answer: You can't.  For now we automatically create one collection per account (called DefaultCollection) and you can't delete it, rename it, add another one or anything else. ...
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The New Team Explorer in TFS 11

You’ve seen snippets of the new Team Explorer in previous posts I’ve done on version control improvements.   In this post, I’m going to focus on the new Team Explorer experience, talk a bit more about what overall changes we’ve made and why. You’ll recall that the Team Explorer window in TFS 2010 and before is a pretty ...

Team Foundation Service Registration code for Asia-Pacific

I got several comments last week that posting my registration codes in the middle of the afternoon North Carolina time was not very friendly for people in the Asia-Pacific region.  It worked out to the middle of the night and since they didn’t last more than a few hours, they were all used up by the time people woke up.  ...
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Improving Visual Studio Performance

We've had a few healthy exchanges about performance on my blog and it's clear there's a lot of energy out there about it.  After the last exchange I kicked off a discussion internally about making sure we are directing our performance efforts at the right things.  We published a User Voice site a couple of months ago and performance ...

Configuring a build server against your shiny new hosted TFS account

Now that you have a Team Foundation Service account, some of you are going to be interested in setting up a build machine to work with it.  Richard Hundhausen did a very nice video to walk you through this process but I’m going to recap it because there’s a few additional things I want to explain.  If you watch his video, it’s ...
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More Team Foundation Service activation codes

The demand for accounts to try out the Windows Azure based TFS Service Preview we announced yesterday has been terrific.  We've used a bunch of avenues to get codes in people's hands but the demand keeps out pacing supply.  Because of that, this morning, we bumped the number of activations on my "bharry" activation code.  There ...
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VS 11/TFS 11 Developer Preview

Yesterday was a pretty crazy day with our new hosted TFS Service going live.  I'd stayed pretty focused on that to make sure everything went smoothly.  But, in case of some rare anomaly that you missed it, we announced a VS 11/TFS 11 developer preview yesterday as well.  They are available to MSDN subscribers on the download ...

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