A Pile of Puppies

Brian Harry

We have two Great Pyrenees dogs (a male and a female) who guard our goats and keep the coyotes away.  When we got them, we decided that we would breed them (they are not related) at least once.  Almost 3 weeks ago, Artemis’s litter of puppies was born.  It’s been fun to watch.  My wife (the vet in the family) happened to walk in just as Artemis was starting so she stayed and watched the whole thing.

The puppies started so small – small guinea pigs and have been growing fast.  They sleep a lot.  And their eyes just started opening about a week ago.  Yesterday, I was out in the barn checking on everything and took a picture that seemed worth sharing.  I call it “A Pile of Puppies”.  They did it all themselves, without any help from me.  There are 6 of them there.  Can you spot them all?

Image 3010 image thumb 210366CD

I found a nice web article that covers the “puppy process” if you want to know more.



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