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Whitepaper on our TFS Dogfood deploytment

Our IT operations team put together a whitepaper here Deploying Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server as an Enterprise-Wide Service Technical Case Study that describes how they have rolled out the TFS service offering here at Microsoft.  It describes how one team provides TFS projects to any product group in Microsoft that wants ...
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July DevDiv dogfood statistics

Holy Toledo!  The growth in data on our dogfood server just isn't slowing down.  The file count (in particular) is really rocketing.  We're now over 33 million (yes, million) files and I don't see any evidence that it's going to slow down soon.  A while ago, I predicted that we'd hit 100 million this year - I'm now starting...

Cool stuff coming for Visual Studio Team System

VSTS Training Material Over the past several months I've been hearing a lot of people asking about the availability of training for Team Foundation Server.  I've heard it from end users who are working on their adoption plans and from training partners who want to add a VSTS offering to their repetoire.  I'm pleased to let ...
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