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Support details for TFS Beta 2

I've gotten a few questions recently about exactly what "go-live" of TFS Beta 2 means and how one goes about getting support. "Go-live" means that we believe Team Foundation Server 2008 Beta 2 (TFS Beta2) is ready for production use.  Because TFS is such a mission critical application, we have arranged for Customer Support Services (...
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Fixes for a couple of TFS Beta 2 install issues

We've been collecting Dr. Watson reports and user bug reports of issues encountered installing TFS Beta 2.  Unfortunately, the success rate is not as high as we would like.  Yesterday we released an update that will address 2 of the issues we've seen people run into.  We have another set of them coming in the next couple of ...
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All VS 2008 Beta 2 languages have now been released

If you've been waiting for French or German (or Russian .NET Framework), you can get them now! Visual Studio Team System 2008 Beta 2 Team SuiteJapanese: Chinese (Simplified):

Upgrading to Win2K3 SP2

We've recently been having some problems with client hangs in our dogfood TFS environment.  It has taken quite a while and quite a long breadcrumb trail to diagnose the problem.  I thought I'd share it with it in case you have seen similar things or want to take preventative steps against it. As I said, it usually manifests itself as...
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Orcas Beta 2 builds released for additional languages

The next set to be released are what we call CCK - Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean.  Soon we will also be releasing French and German.  In all, for RTM, we will be releasing support for 9 languages. CHSCHT KOR Brian...
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Improving our communication with the community

I got some feedback on a recent post about how annoying it can be to track down information about VSTS.  The post complained about lack of "official" content and blog posts that chain to other blog posts etc. Well a few of us got together recently to talk about the problem.  It's been a long standing one.  Publishing "official" ...
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TFS/Project Server 2007 Connector

I've written before about the TFS <-> Project Server 2007 Connector that the VSTS Ranger team built.  Check out this new Channel 9 video with Lenny (one of the developers of it).  He talks a bit about the Rangers and the projects they have undertaken.  Then he talks in more depth about the Project Server Connector -  ...
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TFS 2008 Beta 2 expiration date

I responded earlier to a comment on one of my posts about the Beta 2 expiration date.  At the time I wasn't 100% certain what it is.  I have found out that it is March 15th 2008.  I know the Beta 2 TFS server will stop functioning on that date.  I believe the VS 2008 Beta 2 clients will also stop functioning on that date ...
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TF30162: Task "SharePointPortal" from Group "Portal" failed

I suspect a lot of people are going to be seeing this message in the coming months and I want to get out in front of it.  This error occurs when you create a new Team Project using the TFS 2005 client against a WSS 3.0 server.  The most common way you will get in this situation is by install a fresh TFS 2008 server install and ...
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Awesome Posters!

One of our partners in South Africa has been creating VS and Team System oriented posters for a while now.  I blogged about this 9 months or so ago but they just keep producing them and I thought it was worth another mention.  These posters are really handy roadmaps to various aspects of the product.  They have dozens of them ...