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ALM Summit Survey

Keith asked me to let you all know about a survey he is doing to help plan for a potential ALM Summit later this year.  We did the first one last year and it went pretty well.  It was clearly a V1 and had some rough edges but most of the feedback I got was very positive.  If it's something you are at all interested in, please ...

Code metrics produced from your automated build

One of the things about our 2010 product line that has embarassed me from the beginning is that there's no way to use our code metrics tools to produce data from an automated build.  Our tools only work in the VS IDE and on the loaded solution.  No longer!  We just released a Power Tool that enables you to run code metrics from ...

Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 SP1 is Available

Back in November I wrote about the first Beta of Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 SP1, and today I am proud to announce that the final version is available to download for MSDN Subscribers. **UPDATE 2/11/11** - the publicly available download (for licensed Team Explorer Everywhere customers) is now available:

January 2011 ALM Documentation updates are available

A few days ago, we posted the latest updates to the online documentation.  Below is a summary of the new and updated content.  Perhaps the one I’ve gotten the mote requests for is information on configuring TFS for HTTPS. Team Foundation Administration: Planning and Tracking Projects   Brian...