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Team Foundation Server and Project Server virtual machine

With the release of the final Feature Pack of the TFS/PS connector, we’ve now released an updated virtual machine that contains full configured and ready to test drive bits with all the final software.  You can read Brian Keller’s blog entry on it to get all the details on how to get the VM:

Free Azure Trial

I ran across this today and thought you might find it useful.  If you’d like to try our Azure with no-strings attached, no credit card, no commitment, there’s a cool offer available now.  You can learn more about it here: Enter the promo code: CRMIKEA to get access for 1 month. You’ll get… (...

Team Explorer Everywhere is now available in 3 new languages

This week we released, both to the MSDN subscriber download site and to public downloads, a language pack for Team Explorer Everywhere 2010 SP1.  This language pack includes Japanese, French and German resources that can be added to your English Team Explorer Everywhere installation.  After installing them, TEE will use the ...

Build Folders

One of the fairly common requests we get is for some way to organize build definitions.  If you have more than a dozen or two build definitions in a single Team Project, the Team Explorer starts to get unwieldy.  At our MVP Summit a couple of months ago, one of our MVPs presented a cool Team Explorer extension he had built for ...