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TFS Release Candidate update

Check out Jeff Beehler's blog ( for the latest word on the upcoming TFS release candidate.  By now you're probably tired of hearing us say - "That's been fixed since Beta 3".  Well, soon you won't have to listen to that any more because you'll be able to get all of those fixes!  We've put in a ...
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Scalability Update

As I mentioned earlier we were running scalability tests on a Unisys 8-way box as well as the various 1P - 4P configurations.  I didn't publish the results at the same time because they didn't make any sense.  The "big" 4 way config achieved something on the order of 220 RPS and was CPU bound.  Our initial 8-way test was ...
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Team Foundation Server Capacity Planning

We've nearly completed our full line of load testing to determine the recommended server configurations for various sizes of teams using Team Foundatation Server V1. Everything we've published before now were "goals". This is the first comprehensive publishing of actual measured (simulated) results. That said there is a huge disclaimer here. ...
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