TFS 2008 Beta 2 expiration date

Brian Harry

I responded earlier to a comment on one of my posts about the Beta 2 expiration date.  At the time I wasn’t 100% certain what it is.  I have found out that it is March 15th 2008.  I know the Beta 2 TFS server will stop functioning on that date.  I believe the VS 2008 Beta 2 clients will also stop functioning on that date but I don’t have 100% confirmation of that. So one question I’ve heard is – hey what happens if VS 2008 doesn’t ship by then?  Well, we’ve publicly said VS 2008 is expected to ship this year.  Based on the best of my ability to predict these things, I’d say we are still on track for that.  I know some people are nervous about going live on a Beta system to start with and terrified that it might expire and leave them high and dry.  I want to assure you that if something really unexpected were to happen, and for some reason the RTM slipped out (not that I’m saying there’s any reason what-so-ever to believe it will :)), we will provide you a way to keep your TFS server running.  In fact, we’ve already built in a “secret” mechanism to extend it another 30 days in the event of disaster 🙂  I just want you to know what the plan is and that we’ve got your back covered.



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