Awesome Posters!

Brian Harry

One of our partners in South Africa has been creating VS and Team System oriented posters for a while now.  I blogged about this 9 months or so ago but they just keep producing them and I thought it was worth another mention.  These posters are really handy roadmaps to various aspects of the product.  They have dozens of them now.  What got my attention today is that they just released two more

But don’t just stop there, check out the full catalog.  Visit  On the left hand side, click on Media and then Posters. You may wonder about the BPA one.  I’ve blogged that we are working on a BPA tool for TFS (Best Practices Analyzer).  We’ve been piloting the tool for the past month or two with our customer support organization and the reports are that it is a huge success.  We’re planning to get out a publicly downloadable version next month.  Willy-Peter at sa architect, the partner that does the posters, has been participating in the development of the BPA tool with us.  That’s how he knows so much about it and can provide you with screen shots 🙂 Keep up the great work guys!



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