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Visual Studio Team System Chat – Wed, Nov 8th

Sorry for the late notice but we are having a Team System Chat tomorrow and I'm hoping lots of people will be there.  The last one about a month ago was a record with something like 200 questions in 1 hour.  I'll be there and happy to answer (as best I can) any questions you have.  So, if you've got anything you want to know ...
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Improvements for Continuous Integration using TFS

One of the big complaints we've gotten from customers trying to build a Continuous Integration or similar automated build and test system with VSTS has been around the difficulty of authoring and maintaining the test lists that identify what tests to run as part of the build process. Buck has come to the rescue and provided a new msbuild task ...
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Pretty cool TFS add-on

I just got mail informing me that Attrice has released a new version of their TFS add-on called TFS Sidekick.  It is a VS plugin that adds some interesting new features, including... The ability to edit build definitions more easily inside Team Explorer. An option to have the history window track the selection in the source control ...
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Revenge of the training that won't die

I have to start by apologizing profusely for how this whole training thing has gone.  Personnally, I feel like an idiot for how many times we've said the training would be ready and then it wasn't or made it available only to take it away again.  It's been really painful.  Part of the problem has been the way the training effort...
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Visual Studio Hotfixes are Available!

I'm incredibly pleased to announce that the first batch of Visual Studio and .NET Framework Hotfixes (we call them QFE's - Quick Fix from Engineering) is available.  They are posted on  It will require you to register but then you can puruse the available fixes, read the details of the problems they address and...
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