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Looking for a way to stay current and get hands-on experience with Azure? Now you can get notified about events—from local hacks, workshops, and training sessions to virtual meetups and global conferences. 


Get the latest articles, documentation, and events from Microsoft.Source—the curated monthly developer community newsletter. Learn about new technologies and find opportunities to connect with other developers online and locally. 


  • Stay at the forefront of rapidly evolving technologies with resources that are relevant to your field, location, and areas of interest—including articles, GitHub repositories, and how-to guides. 
  • Find information on meetups and global conferences to local hacks, workshops, and training sessions. 
  • Learn what you want, when you want, and how you want. Resources include in-person hands-on workshops, free, interactive online training, and sandbox environments. 


Interested in learning more about Kubernetes or just want to get started developing apps with Azure using Python, Java, .NET and more?  

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  • Three free e-books – build, deliver, and scale container-based applications faster with Kubernetes. Learn the basics of Kubernetes, then discover how to easily deploy and manage containers with Kubernetes on Azure. 
  • Read about how app developers around the world trust Azure to help them solve important challenges. 
  • Get started building apps on Azure with best-in-class tools, your favorite open-source frameworks and languages, and a platform that supports a range of services and continuous collaboration and delivery. 


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