PSResourceGet Preview 24 is Now Available

Sydney Smith

Microsoft.PowerShell.PSResourceGet is a continuation of the PowerShellGet 3.0 project. The latest preview release of this module under the new name is now available on the PowerShell Gallery. This release contains improved publish support, new aliases and many bug fixes. This is the last planned preview release before we release a “Release Candidate (RC)” of the module. From there we don’t expect to make any changes before we make the module “Generally Available (GA)”.

How to install the module

To install from PSResourceGet previews (which is included in PowerShell 7.4 Preview 4)

Install-PSResource Microsoft.PowerShell.PSResourceGet -Prerelease

To install from PowerShellGet 2.2.5

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerShell.PSResourceGet -AllowPrerelease

What is included in this preview

For the purposes of this blog post, this list includes changes from both beta23 and beta24.

New Features

  • *-PSResourceRepository -Uri now accepting PSPaths
  • Add aliases for Install-PSResource, Find-PSResource, Update-PSResource, Publish-PSResource (‘isres’,’fdres’,’udres’,’pbres’)
  • Add support for NuGet.Server application hosted feeds
  • Add Import-PSGetRepository function to import existing v2 PSRepositories into PSResourceRepositories
  • Add ‘Get-PSResource’ alias to ‘Get-InstalledPSResource’
  • Add -ApiVersion parameter to Set-PSResourceRepository
  • Add support for FindNameGlobbing scenarios (i.e -Name az*) for MyGet server repository (V3)
  • Support Credential Persistence for Publish-PSResource
  • Support publishing with a prerelease dependency

Bug Fixes

  • Better error handling for scenario where repo ApiVersion is unknown and allow for PSPaths as URI for registered repositories
  • Bug fix for Uninstall to remove older versions of a package that are not a dependency
  • Bug fix for Publish finding prerelease dependency versions
  • Fix pagination for V3 search with globbing scenarios
  • Bug fix for publishing with ExternalModuleDependencies
  • Update Save-PSResource -Path param so it defaults to the current working directory
  • Allow environment variables in module manifests (Thanks @ThomasNieto!)
  • Updating prerelease version should update to latest prerelease version
  • Enable UNC Paths for local repositories, source directories and destination directories (Thanks @FriedrichWeinmann!)
  • Bug fix for version parsing in Publish-PSResource
  • Bug fix for Get-InstalledPSResource returning type of scripts as module
  • Bug fix for finding all versions of a package returning correct results and incorrect “package not found” error
  • Bug fix for saving module dependencies
  • Add parameters to Install-PSResource verbose message
  • Bug fix for parsing required modules when publishing
  • Bug fix for saving dependency modules in version range format
  • Bug fix for updating to a new version of a prerelease module
  • Set-PSResourceRepository run without -ApiVersion paramater no longer resets the property for the repository
  • Many error handling updates

Breaking Change

  • Update to Find-PSResource to return packages from all criteria matching repositories, in priority order, by default.

For a full list of changes please refer to the changelog.

Documentation Updates

As a part of our efforts with this module we have also been updating the documentation for this module. We recently updated the documentation on supported repositories to include more information on how to publish. Please check out the documentation and give us feedback in this repository so we can make improvements.

We also recently added an examples folder to our repository with examples for the expected behavior of Find and Install.

How to give feedback and Get Support

We cannot overstate how critical user feedback is at this stage in the development of the module. Feedback from preview releases help inform design decisions without incurring a breaking change once generally available and used in production.

In order to help us to make key decisions around the behavior of the module please give us feedback by opening issues in our GitHub repository.


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