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PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code July 2022 Update

We are excited to announce that the July update to the PowerShell Extension for Visual Studio Code is now available on the extension marketplace. This release renames the "PowerShell Integrated Console" to the "PowerShell Extension Terminal" to align with VS Code's verbiage, adds many regression tests, and includes a number of bug fixes! ...

PowerShell and OpenSSH team investments for 2022

Planned team investments for 2022 for PowerShell and OpenSSH.

General Availability of PowerShell 7.2

Announcing general availability of PowerShell 7.2

Optimizing your $Profile

Learn how to measure and improve startup time of your $Profile

Announcing the preview of PSArm

We are pleased to announce the preview of PSArm, providing a domain-specific language embedded in PowerShell for Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates.

PowerShell Team 2021 Investments

Details of the work the PowerShell team has planned for PowerShell 7.2, OpenSSH, and related tooling.

PowerShell 7.2 Preview 2 release

Important changes included in the PowerShell 7.2 Preview 2 release

PowerShell 7.1 Preview 6

Update on PowerShell 7.1 release

PowerShell Team May 2020 Update

Previously, I published a blog on our investments plans during the PowerShell 7.1 release timeframe. We've made progress across many of those investments with more work ahead of us. PowerShell 7.1 preview 3 We are now able to ship simultaneously with each new .NET 5 preview release! This means that you can start leveraging new ...

PowerShell 7.1 Team Investments and Preview.1 Release

The PowerShell 7 release marks a huge milestone for PowerShell, the community, and the team! Today we released the first preview for PowerShell 7.1! This release includes a number of changes that did not make it in time for the 7.0 release. It also includes .NET 5 preview 1! The PowerShell team is not resting on our laurels and are ...

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