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PSReadLine 2.3.4 GA Release

We are excited to announce the general availability of PSReadLine 2.3.4!

PowerShell Adapter Feedback Provider

This blog outlines the PowerShell Adapter Feedback Provider module

JSON Adapter Feedback Provider

This blog outlines a new feedback provider developed by the PowerShell Team to inform users of native executables that can output `JSON`.

What are Feedback Providers?

This is an introduction to the concept of feedback providers in PowerShell. What they are, how to use them and why we are implementing them.

Completion Predictor v0.1.1 Release

We released a new version of the CompletionPredictor! This blog post highlights some of the new functionalities of it.

PSReadLine 2.3.1-beta1 Release

We are very excited to annouce the release of PSReadLine 2.3.1-beta1 is now available on the PowerShell Gallery! We have added a brand new tool tip feature to help give more descriptions to predictor results.

PSReadLine 2.3.0-beta0 Release

Announcement of PSReadLine 2.3.0-beta0 release and description of the new features and fixes available.