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PowerShell Team

Next week we’ll be releasing a Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Windows PowerShell V2.0.

This release will not be for everyone.

This morning I wrote 3 blog entries that set your expectation about the CTP. I decided to blog them BEFORE the CTP because when you see what is in the CTP – most of you will make a mad rush to download it and use it. It has some amazingly cool stuff in it (you’ll hear more about that next week). You really need to read and understand my 3 blogs before making the decision to participate in the CTP:

  1. CTP != Beta !
  2. Platform Requirements
  3. Versioning

One point is worth making again (and again): Things WILL change. If you are going to be disappointed or angry if we refactor our APIs or change our naming or tweak our semantics and break all your (CTP-specific) code/scripts – you should not use the CTP.

Bloggers – please do me a favor. If you pick up the CTP and start writing about it, please include a reference to this blog entry. Consider adding the words:

The PowerShell V2 CTP is not for everyone. You should read this PowerShell Team blog entry ( http://blogs.msdn.com/powershell/archive/2007/11/02/ctp-watch-this-space.aspx ) to find out what it is and what it isn’t and then make an informed decision before installing the CTP.

I given lots of caution and caveats today but for those of you that participate in the CTP – I think you are going to be very pleased by what you see. Then again – if you aren’t – you can tell us and there is a good chance that we’ll be able to do something about it before we ship!

Jeffrey Snover [MSFT]
Windows Management Partner Architect
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