PSReadLine 2.3.1-beta1 Release

Steven Bucher

We are pleased to announce another release of PSReadLine 2.3.1-beta1! We have had various bug fixes and minor improvements in this release, as well as a big new feature to ListView of Predictors! Let’s jump right in!

Installing PSReadLine 2.3.1-beta1

How do you install this release? The release is available from the PowerShell Gallery.

Use the following command to install PSReadLine using PowerShellGet v2.x:

Install-Module -Name PSReadLine -AllowPrerelease -Force

If you are using PowerShellGet v3, you can use the following command:

Install-PSResource -Name PSReadLine -Prerelease

You must include the Force parameter to install this version side by side with the default stable version.


You must restart your PowerShell session to use the new version of PSReadLine.

ListView tool tip view

In this preview, we enabled a new tooltip view in the ListView mode of PSReadLine Predictors. Tooltips were part of the original design but were never presented to the user until this release. Tooltips are enabled by default, but you can disable them by running the following command:

Set-PSReadLineOption -ShowToolTips:$false

And then can re-enable by running:

Set-PSReadLineOption -ShowToolTips

The following screenshot shows the CompletionPredictor providing tooltips to show details about each parameter of Write-Host and GetChildItem.


You will need the CompletionPredictor installed and imported to have the same experiences shown in this blog.


Gif showing the tool tip option.

Tooltips are only available for results from plugin predictors. Predictions from History don’t have tooltips. A plugin predictor can populate the tooltip with other descriptions to help provide more details into what is being predicted. For example, the Az.Tools.Predictor module provides details about what the suggested cmdlet does.

Screenshot showing Az predictor tool tip

It’s also helpful when working with .NET objects:

Screenshot showing the .NET object tool tip completion

For long tooltips, ListView shows up to four lines of the tooltip. You can get more information for the selected item by pressing the F4 key.

GIF showing the F4 capabilities to expand a tooltip

See our changelog for a complete list of bug fixes and changes.


As usual, we love getting your feedback! Since this is a beta release, designs and features are subject to change. Please submit bugs, feature requests, or questions to the repository. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Steven Bucher and Dongbo Wang

PSReadLine Maintainers


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