The Old New Thing

Old New Thing

Windows Runtime delegates and object lifetime in C++/CX, redux

If you are the one calling the delegate, you have an extra thing to worry about.

Not even getting to the airtight hatchway: Creating a process with a different parent

Fiddling a knob that isn't connected to anything.

Microspeak: Bucket bugs, bucket spray, bug spray, and failure shift

How failures in the wild get categorized by analysis.

Can shrinking a std::string throw an exception?

It depends on how you shrink it.

How can I turn a structured exception into a C++ exception without having to use /EHa, if I can constrain exactly where the structured exception is coming from?

Trying to contain the damage.

How can I handle both structured exceptions and C++ exceptions potentially coming from the same source?

Call for a translator.

Why can’t I use SHSetKnownFolderPath to change the location of FOLDERID_LocalAppData?

A acknowledgement of the reality that it not only doesn't work, but leaves the user profile corrupted.

The historical significance of the Burgermaster drive-in restaurant

You can just phone it in.

It’s not a security vulnerability that users can access files that they have access to, even if the file is a little hard to find

Perhaps it's behind a sign that says Beware of the Leopard.

Over-documenting TTM_RELAYEVENT and why it results in a one-second periodic timer running as long as the tooltip is visible

Too much information leads to trouble.