The Old New Thing


What does this strange value for “Percent CPU” mean in Performance Monitor?

It’s the percent CPU, but you have to undo the various adjustments you requested.

Microspeak: Occupant compression

Ouch, it hurts when you squeeze me there.

Today is tax day, but it’s also division meeting day, so let’s get you some forms to fill out

Render unto Caesar, but ask for a little more time.

How can a desktop app use a Windows Runtime object that infers UI context from its thread? The IInitializeWithWindow pattern

Explicitly associating with a window handle.

How can I determine the reason why my window is closing?

Listen for signals.

Even if you open a file with GUID, you can still get its name, or at least one of its names

GetFinalPathByHandle works even for files opened by ID.

When I select multiple files in the File Open dialog, why does the last item come first?

Because it’s the focus.

Optimizing your cafeteria meal card stockpile

What’s the rate of return on Microsoft cafeteria meal cards?

What does it mean when my attempt to stop a Windows NT service fails with ERROR_BROKEN_PIPE?

The Service Control Manager lost contact with the service, but why?

Why do we need atomic operations on the 80386, if it doesn’t support symmetric multiprocessing anyway?

You might race with yourself.