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Travel tip: Don't forget your car on the ferry

One of my colleagues lives on Bainbridge Island and has quite a long commute to work each day. From his house, he walks to the bus stop, then takes the bus to the Winslow ferry terminal, then takes the ferry to the Seattle ferry terminal, then takes the bus to Microsoft. And at the end of the day, he does the trip in reverse. One day, for ...

Does the CLR really call CoInitializeEx on the first call to unmanaged code, even if you don't deal with COM at all and are just calling native code via p/invoke?

Some time ago, I called out this part of the documentation regarding managed and unmanaged threading: On the first call to unmanaged code, the runtime calls Co­Initialize­Ex to initialize the COM apartment as either an MTA or an STA apartment. You can control the type of apartment created by setting the System.Threading....
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The more times you use the word "simply" in your instructions, the more I suspect you don't know what that word means

I was helping somebody look up how to enable frobbing for widgets, and I found one set of instructions on a blog somewhere. To be honest, this happened long enough ago that I forgot what it was exactly, but here's something that captures the general spirit: First, check whether your widget supports frobbing. To do this, simply run this ...

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