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Welcome to Belém, the scam artist capital of Lisbon

It has been quite a while since I was in Lisbon for a conference, but I still have a bunch of tiny travel stories. They may not be timely, but they're just stories. Lisbon is a wonderful city, and unlike Madrid, it doesn't have the feeling that it's overrun with tourists. It may very well be overrun with tourists, but at least it doesn't ...

How do I accept files to be opened via IDropTarget instead of on the command line?

Commenter Yaron wants to know how to use the new IDropTarget mechanism for receiving a list of files to open. (Also asked by Anthony Wieser as a comment to an article.) The MSDN documentation on Verbs and File Assocations mentions that DDE has been deprecated as a way of launching documents and that you should use the DropTarget method ...
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