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Introducing Source Code Link for NuGet packages now supports surfacing source code repository link for NuGet packages. This will enable package authors to surface both the project's website and the source repository using the projectUrl and the repository properties respectively instead of having to choose between the two using just the projectUrl property. The nuspec has supporte starts repo-signing packages
In May, we implemented Stage 1 and enabled support for any user to submit signed packages to Today, we are announcing Stage 2 of our NuGet package signing journey - tamper proofing the entire package dependency graph. What is a Repository Signature? A repository signature is a code signing signature produced with an X.50
NuGet Summer 2018 Roadmap
This blog post provides insights into the NuGet team plans for the upcoming quarter (July - Sep 2018). In the March 2018 NuGet Spring 2018 Roadmap, we had outlined Package Signing, Organizations, Cross-platform credential provider support, Repeatable builds for PackageReference based projects, etc. as our immediate priorities. We were able to
Introducing signed package submissions to
In September 2017, we announced our plans to improve the security of the NuGet ecosystem by introducing the ability for package authors to sign packages. Today, we want to announce support for any user to submit signed packages to A signed NuGet package is designed to be fully compatible with pre-existing NuGet servers an will only support MSA/AAD starting June 1st, 2018
We had previously announced the deprecation of's home-grown authentication in favor of Microsoft accounts (MSA) that will allow us to add support for additional security systems such as two-factor authentication (2FA). We will be disabling the's home-grown authentication mechanism starting June 1st, 2018. This means that yo
Welcoming SymbolSource to the .NET Foundation
We are excited to welcome to the .NET Foundation! SymbolSource has been providing a valuable service to the .NET Community for years with the ability to host Symbols for public NuGet packages on SymbolSource. With recent progress made in several areas, including SymbolSource being published to GitHub and planning a s
Organizations on
We are happy to announce support for Organizations on This will help businesses and open-source projects collaborate on packages using a single identity. Why organizations? used to allow you to create an account and publish packages through that account with little support to manage and publish packages as a te
Migrate to PackageReference with 3 clicks
Last year, we introduced the option to make PackageReference the default package management format for managing NuGet dependencies when installing the first NuGet package for a newly created projects. With Visual Studio Version 15.7 Preview 3, we have introduced the capability to migrate existing projects that use the packages.config format to
Incident report – downtime on March 22, 2018
We did this blog post to report about the incident that happened on March 22, 2018. In the last couple of days we digged deeper into the incident. Here is the summary of our findings and proposed next steps. Customer Impact website and V2 APIs were unavailable for 2 hours on March 22, 2018 between 8:45AM - 11:30AM UTC. More than 1.
NuGet Spring 2018 Roadmap
In August 2017, we published the NuGet Fall 2017 Roadmap where we outlined our backlog for the upcoming quarter. Since then, we’ve published specifications for these experiences on GitHub for the community to review. You have provided a ton of great feedback that has helped us ensure we deliver the right experiences. Thank you for your conti