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Starting Manage NuGet Packages for Solution dialog for projects under SourceGear Vault – issue and workaround

There has been reports that VS hangs when Manage NuGet Packages for Solution menu item is clicked. When VS responds again, it reports the following error: "Loading the projects is required to complete the requested action. If you click the Cancel button, project loading will continue in the background, and you can try to perform the action ...

VS hung on installing or updating packages may be related to ReSharper8.1 EAP

Recently there have been customer reports of hangs in Visual Studio while installing or updating NuGet packages. It could be related to this issue, if you have ReSharper 8.1 EAP installed. The solution is to update ReSharper to one of the stable versions such as ReSharper 8.1. If it doesn’t solve the issue for you, please report it to us ...

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