Get ready for fsharpConf 2023!

Petr Semkin

Tomas Petricek

Join the F# Community online Monday, June 26th for the live streaming of the fourth year of fsharpConf, a free virtual event featuring world-class F# experts across the globe supported by the F# Software Foundation and the.NET team at Microsoft.

F# boasts a dynamic open-source community that contributes to an expansive range of libraries, tools, and applications. These span areas from web development frameworks and domain-driven development tools to data analytics and scientific computing. The aim of fsharpConf is to unite this community, facilitating a platform to explore both foundational principles and innovative ideas in the world of F#.

What to anticipate at fsharpConf 2023?

This year’s conference will highlight discussions on diverse topics, including:

  • Moving from R to F#, harnessing F# for scientific computing, and using F# for city analysis.
  • Domain modeling, employing F# tools for domain-driven development, and web programming with Fable.
  • Insights into the current activities of the F# team at Microsoft, updates on the dotnet/fsharp repository, and the community’s initiatives to advocate and sustain F#.
  • Developing an F# version of Wolfenstein and using F# to construct a “deployless” programming language, DarkLang.
Time Speaker Topic
08:55 EDT

05:55 PST

14:55 CEST

fsharpConf organizers

Welcome to fsharpConf!
09:00 EDT

06:00 PST

15:00 CEST

Kathleen Dollard, Vlad Zarytovskii, & Chet Husk

.NET Languages PM and Friends Talk About F#
09:30 EDT

06:30 PST

15:30 CEST

John Azariah

Scientific Computing with F#
10:00 EDT

07:00 PST

16:00 CEST

Mark Seemann with Tomas Petricek

Discussion: Are Free Monads Really Free?
10:30 EDT

07:30 PST

16:30 CEST

James Randall

A Whirlwind Tour of Creating an F# Version of the Classic Wolfenstein 3D
11:00 EDT

08:00 PST

17:00 CEST

Edgar Gonzalez, David Schaefer, Jimmy Byrd & Florian Verdonck

Amplifying F#
11:30 EDT

08:30 PST

17:30 CEST

Maxime Mangel

Fable.Form: Unlock your Forms Super Powers
12:00 EDT

09:00 PST

18:00 CEST

Lars Furu Kjelsaas

Handling a Complex Domain with Readable Code
12:30 EDT

09:30 PST

18:30 CEST

Christopher Simon

Ubiquitous F# in Contextive, the Ubiquitous Language Tool
13:00 EDT

10:00 PST

19:00 CEST

Quick Coffee or Tea Break!

fsharpConf organizers

13:15 EDT

10:15 PST

19:15 CEST

TBA – You Don’t Want to Miss This!

Don Syme Live at fsharpConf 2023
13:30 EDT

10:30 PST

19:30 CEST

Georg Haaser

FSharp.Data.Adaptive – Taming Mutation
14:00 EDT

11:00 PST

20:00 CEST

Beth Milhollin

My Leap from R to F#
14:30 EDT

11:30 PST

20:30 CEST

Paul Biggar

Building Darklang in F#
15:00 EDT

12:00 PST

21:00 CEST

Paweł Stadnicki

City as a Function
15:30 EDT

12:30 PST

21:30 CEST

Petr Pokorny, Petr Semkin, Adam Boniecki, Tomas Grosupe

News From the dotnet/fsharp Repository

Can’t wait until June 26?

If anticipation is too much, delve into our archives. Recordings from fsharpConf 2016, fsharpConf 2018, and fsharpConf 2020 offer a wealth of past talks on topics including the SAFE stack, F# type providers, using F# for Ham Radio, probabilistic programming languages, distributed computing, and even quantum computing.


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  • Greg McPherran 2

    Interested in OO and FP. Recently began using F# (coming from decades of C# and C++). Impressed with F# and F# is now my new #1 language!

  • David N 1

    I was unexpectedly at home that day and could watch the whole thing live. How about another in less than 12 months? 🙂

    • Petr SemkinMicrosoft employee 0

      Thanks David! Can’t promise, but this one proved to be a success – maybe we’ll be able to set the new one earlier 🙂

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