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Tool of the week: Rezoom.SQL

Rezoom.SQL is an F# ORM for SQL databases.

It integrates with the F# compiler via a generative type provider to statically typecheck its own dialect of SQL. It knows how to translate this SQL dialect to various backends. Currently it supports SQLite, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

The type provider makes it fast and easy to write SQL statements, run them, and consume their results from your F# code with full type safety. You don’t need to install any editor extensions or custom tooling, just add a NuGet package and you’re off and running writing code like this:.

Building a type from a SQL statement

type ListUsers = SQL<"""
    select * from Users

let showUsers() =
    use context = new ConnectionContext()
    let users = ListUsers.Command().Execute(context)
    printfn "There are %d users." users.Count
    for user in users do
        printfn "User ID %d's email is %s..." user.Id user.Email
        match user.Name with
        | None -> printfn "  and they don't have a name."
        | Some name -> printfn "  and their name is %s." name

User group meeting of the week: Protobuf in Orlando

Protocol Buffers is a method of serializing structured data. It is useful in developing programs to communicate with each other over a wire or for storing data. Join the Orlando .NET User Group on Thursday, August 10 at 6:00PM to learn how to apply Protobuf in .NET.





There is more content available this week in F# Weekly. If you want to see more F# awesomeness, please check it out!





Game development

And this is it for this week!

Contribute to the week in .NET

As always, this weekly post couldn’t exist without community contributions, and I’d like to thank all those who sent links and tips. The F# section is provided by Phillip Carter, the gaming section by Stacey Haffner, the Xamarin section by Dan Rigby, and the Azure and UWP section by Michael Crump.

You can participate too. Did you write a great blog post, or just read one? Do you want everyone to know about an amazing new contribution or a useful library? Did you make or play a great game built on .NET? We’d love to hear from you, and feature your contributions on future posts. Please add your posts, it takes only a second.

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