The .NET Conf Student Zone is Back!

Katie Savage

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We are excited to announce the return of the .NET Conf Student Zone at this year’s .NET Conf 2023. The Student Zone is beginner-friendly, virtual event where experts will teach you how to build amazing projects – all using C# and .NET! This year, our experts will walk you through building mobile apps, AI applications, APIs, frontend web apps, and gaming projects.

Welcome Beginners and Learners

Each year, the new .NET release is kicked off with an exciting exploration of .NET through .NET Conf. This notoriously engaging conference is a three-day event that is jam packed with deep dive sessions filled with exciting updates and deep dives into advanced content. As such, we created the pre-Conf Student Zone to provide learners and beginners with a approachable place to get started using .NET. The Student Zone includes beginner-level sessions for everyone – from students to professionals! Come build with us, ask questions, and walk away with some new projects to add to your portfolio.

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📆 Logistics

Date : Monday, November 13

Time : 7am PST | 10am EST | 3pm BST | 7:30pm IST

Place : The event is fully remote and will be streamed to the .NET YouTube Channel

Tracks : AI, web, mobile, game development

Each track will be one hour with a ten minute break in between tracks.

🔎 Sneak Peak of the Sessions

Based on the excitement from last year’s session list, we decided to expand each session to a full hour of coding! Each of the tracks below will include a full hour where you will learn about the topic and dive into an exciting project.

  • 🤖 Artificial Intelligence with Semantic Kernel with Luis Quintanilla and Nilesh Acharya
  • 💫 Back-end Web Development with Minimal APIs with Aaron Powell and Krzyzstof Wicher
  • 🌐 Front-end Web Development with Blazor with Justin Yoo
  • 📱 Mobile Development with .NET MAUI with Becky Buckler and Maddy Montaquila
  • 🎮 Game Development with C# with our Community Experts

💡 How to Prepare

The .NET Student Zone is a beginner-friendly event, but we’ve gathered some content together to help you warm up for the day! Remember, all of the following is optional.

freeCodeCamp’s Foundational C# Certification – New to C#? No problem! Take this approachable, comprehensive certification from freeCodeCamp. The certification includes high quality training content from Microsoft Learn and is the perfect way to gear up for the Student Zone.

.NET Beginner Video Series – If you’re looking for a fun introduction to .NET development for mobile, web, and more, our .NET video series are a great place to start. Check out the bite-sized videos for an introduction to different .NET technologies and interactive tutorials.

Last year’s event – Want to start building now? Build last year’s student zone project! Check out the event recording.

🍿 Join Live or Watch Later

Whether you’re an aspiring .NET developer, looking to sharpen your skills, or simply want to build some fun projects, the .NET Conf Student Zone awaits you! Check it out on November 13th and review the sessions after the event on the .NET YouTube.

Happy Coding!


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