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Learn to build HTTP APIs with .NET

ASP.NET makes it easy to build HTTP services that reach a broad range of clients, including browsers and mobile devices. Whether you're new to .NET or an old pro, we've got a lot of fresh videos, tutorial, and documentation to help you learn how to build great HTTP APIs.

Open-source HTTP API packages and tools

This post covers a variety of things any .NET developer who plans on building HTTP APIs will want in their toolchain or dependency list. We'll show you some new and exciting frameworks coming up that are built atop ASP.NET Core web API and hopefully make the craft of building and testing HTTP APIs with .NET easier. There are so many opport

Creating Discoverable HTTP APIs with ASP.NET Core 5 Web API

This month, we'll be focusing on building HTTP APIs with .NET 5. We'll explore a myriad of different tools, technologies, and services that make your API development experience more delightful. Each week, we'll release a new post on this blog that goes into a separate area of building HTTP APIs with .NET, focusing mostly on using ASP.NET Core ...

Customizing Web API controller selector

In the last few weeks we have encountered a customer reports of performance issues with their Web API applications. When the 4th report exhibited the same phenomenon I figured it’s time to blog about it. Why would you customize a controller selector? (hint – try not to) It gives you a chance to control how the request gets routed. ...

Introducing batch support in Web API and Web API OData

With the release of Microsoft ASP.NET Web API 2 OData, we have introduced support for batching requests. Batching is a web API feature that allows a customer to pack several API requests and send them to the web API service in one HTTP request and receive a single HTTP response with the response to all their requests. This way, the client can ...

Introducing $select and $expand support in Web API OData

Last week Microsoft released the preview of Visual Studio 2013, and along with it came the ASP.NET and Web Tools for Visual Studio 2013 Preview. In this new release, we are expanding the OData support in Web API to include support for $select and $expand, two of the most popular OData query operators. In this blog post...

Manage CORS policy dynamically

Brief We introduced CORS support in ASP.NET Web API a few months ago. Out of the box it supports configuring CORS policy by attributes. It is a very intuitive and powerful way but lacks flexibility at runtime. Imaging your service allows a 3rd party to consume your service. You need the capability of updating the allowing origins list without...

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