Release Candidate builds of Entity Framework Core 3.0 and Entity Framework 6.3 are now available

Diego Vega

We previously said that preview 9 would be your last chance to test EF Core 3.0 and EF 6.3 before general availability. But it turns out that we made enough improvements to our libraries and across the whole of .NET Core 3.0 to justify publishing a release candidate build. Hence the packages for EF Core 3.0 RC1 and EF 6.3 RC1 were uploaded to today.

Consider installing daily builds

Although RC1 builds contain several improvements, we took several more critical bug fixes after the RC1 branch was created.

Detailed instructions to install daily builds, including the necessary NuGet feeds, can be found in the How to get daily builds of ASP.NET Core article.

For the best experience with daily builds, install at least the 3.0 RC1 version of the .NET Core SDK, and ASP.NET Core, which where also published today.

Here are a couple of the most relevant improvements you may want to verify:

  • Work on the EF Core in-memory provider was finished and most query features should now be working (the majority of it went into RC1)
  • EF Core’s compilation performance was improved significantly for complex queries

For other details on recent changes and how to install the packages, breaking changes and known workarounds, please refer to the information in the preview 9 blog post.

What happens next

We intend to release the final versions of EF Core 3.0 and EF 6.3 on September 23 at .NET Conf, so we are very close to done.

The team has switched focus to to updating our documentation for the new releases, and to the 3.1 release, which we plan to release later this year.

Thank you

Thank you for helping make this a better release, and please keep the feedback coming! Although any important bugs reported at this stage will likely not make it into 3.0, we will consider them for 3.1.


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  • AlseinX 0

    RC still recommending installing daily builds sounds disturbing. Since that several critical bug fixes are still work-in-progress, will the GA release on Sept 23rd be stable enough for production? Does it mean 3.0 GA will be released with some important bugs and the projects that target .NET Core 3.0 + ASP.NET Core 3.0 + EF Core 3.0 will have to wait till November and then to update everything to .NET Core 3.1 + ASP.NET Core 3.1 + EF Core 3.1 to have these bugs fixed? Will there be EF Core 3.0.1 to fix the bugs?

    • Stefan Fiedler 0

      Welcome to the age of Agile. :/

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