.NET Core November 2019 Updates – 2.1.14, 2.2.8, and 3.0.1

Jamshed Damkewala

Today, we are releasing the .NET Core November 2019 Update. These updates only contain non-security fixes. See the individual release notes for details on updated packages.

NOTE: If you are a Visual Studio user, there are MSBuild version requirements so use only the .NET Core SDK supported for each Visual Studio version. Information needed to make this choice will be seen on the download page. If you use other development environments, we recommend using the latest SDK release.

Getting the Update

The latest .NET Core updates are available on the .NET Core download page. This update will be included in a future update of Visual Studio.

See the .NET Core release notes ( 2.1.14 | 2.2.8 | 3.0.1 ) for details on the release, including issues fixed and affected packages.

Docker Images

.NET Docker images have been updated for today’s release. The following repos have been updated.

Note: Look at the “Full Tag Listing” under the Description in each repository to see the updated Docker image tags.

Note: You must re-pull base images to get updates. The Docker client does not pull updates automatically.


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  • Jeffrey Moerdyke 0

    Are you sure you have the Visual Studio version support numbers correct on the download pages? It looks like there may be some cut and paste errors. Both SDKs for Runtime 2.1.4 (SDK 2.1.607, SDK 2.1.510), list support for Visual Studio 2017 (v15.9), where’s the VS2019 version and shouldn’t there be a SDK 2.1.8xx for that? Same with Runtime 2.2.8, both SDK 2.2.207 and SDK 2.2.110 list “Visual Studio 2017 (v16.0)” which is the wrong version number for VS2017, 16.x is VS2019. What happened to the SDK 2.2.4xx line?

    Very confusing update, as you’ve gone an changed the formatting for the download pages, again.

  • Jason Baginski 0

    For clarification, do we install the new SDK and windows web hosting bundle, then uninstall “Microsoft .NET Core 3.0.0 – Windows Server Hosting” for our existing 3.0 sites to be using 3.0.1??

  • Codest 0

    It has been a week , and no Microsoft staff explain why 2.2.8 minor versin rollback to 2.2.207 instead of expected 2.2.403

  • Mohamed Radwan 0

    This video will show step-by-step ASP.NET Core development with Deployment to Azure with animated workflow which help you clearly understand it.

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