Make the most of your monthly Azure Credits

Angelos Petropoulos

If you weren’t aware, Visual Studio subscribers have free monthly Azure credits, that are ideal for experimenting with and learning about Azure services. When you activate this benefit, it creates a separate Azure subscription with a monthly credit balance that renews each month while you remain an active Visual Studio subscriber. If the credits run out before the end of the month the subscription is suspended until more credits are available. No surprises, no cost, and no credit card required for any of it! The table below shows you how many Azure credits you get based on your type of Visual Studio subscription:

Visual Studio subscription type Monthly Azure Credits Activate Credits
Visual Studio Professional (standard subscription) $50 activate
Visual Studio Test Professional $50 activate
MSDN Platforms $100 activate
Visual Studio Enterprise (standard subscription) $150 activate
Visual Studio Enterprise (BizSpark) $150 activate
Visual Studio Enterprise (MPN) $150 activate

  Now that you know how many Azure Credits you get every month for free, you are probably wondering what you can spend it on! We have put together the following simple table to help you get going:

Azure Service Tier Estimated Monthly Cost
App Service Shared $9.49
Storage General Purpose V2 (1GB) $1.06
SQL Single DB (5DTUs, 2GB) $4.90
CosmosDB 1GB $23.61
Functions Dynamic First 1M executions free (up to 400K GB-s)
Monitor Application Insights First 1GB free
Key Vault Standard $0.03 (per 10k operations)
Service Bus Basic $0.05 (per 1M operations)
Redis Basic (C0: 250MB Cache) $16.06

  Hopefully, you found this information helpful and you are on your way to make use of your Azure credits. If you are interested in the cost of an Azure service you didn’t see in the table above, try the

Azure price calculator. If you have any questions or problems just leave us a comment below.


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