CLR-Related PDC 2009 Sessions

CLR Team

If you’re at PDC this year and are reading the CLR Team’s blog, there are a few sessions that might be of interest to you.


·         Future of Garbage Collection is a session by the creator of the CLR’s GC, Patrick Dussud.  Come hear him talk Wednesday at 1:00PM in Petree Hall C.

·         Code Contracts and Pex: Power Charge Your Assertions and Unit Tests is a session by Mike Barnett and Nikolai Tillmann from Microsoft Research about some of the latest advances in these tools for design-by-contract and unit-testing.  It’s on Tuesday at 4:30PM in 408A.

·         Building Sensor- and Location-Aware Applications with Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4 includes a discussion of the Location APIs that were added to .NET Framework 4.  It’s being presented by Gavin Gear on Tuesday at 4:30PM in 515A.


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