OpenGL® on DX12 enables STEEL ASSAULT to launch on Xbox

David Cook

When we initially introduced our DirectX mapping layers, our goal was to enable applications written in other graphics APIs, including DX9, DX11 and OpenGL, to run on DirectX12 systems if a native driver is not available. We’ve written about the OpenGL mapping layer previously and how we developed it by contributing OpenGL on DX12 (GLon12) to the Mesa 3D open-source project, allowing the graphics community to leverage our work for their needs.  This open development approach has proven beneficial for GLon12, with the engagement exceeding our expectations, adding Xbox GDK support to the Mesa project in 2022.

Once GDK support was added, it allowed OpenGL based titles to compile and link the GLon12 mapping layer in their app, enabling them to run on the DirectX-only Xbox console.  This is exactly what Tribute Games has done to take STEEL ASSAULT, an OpenGL based title, and bring it over to the Xbox Series X|S.

We’re super excited to see the developer community contributing to GLon12 and can’t wait to see what other titles utilize this to come to Xbox.

Further Reading on Mapping Layers:

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    Why doesn’t Xbox support OpenGL or Vulkan?

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