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New in DirectX— Feature Level 12_2

What’s a feature level? If you’re a game developer who has spent any amount of time with computer hardware, or perhaps a computer game which simulates working with it, you will know that graphics cards are not all the same. There’s differentiation. Differentiation not only of overall performance characteristics, but the kinds of ...

Announcing DirectX Developer Day

GDC may have been postponed, but we aren't going to let that prevent us from bringing the next generation of graphics innovation to the world.  Join us this Thursday, March 19, for a virtual DirectX Developer Day on Mixer! The Microsoft DirectX team, along with partners from AMD and NVIDIA, will be streaming a series of talks covering how we...
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Coming to DirectX 12— Sampler Feedback: some useful once-hidden data, unlocked

Why Feedback: A Streaming Scenario Suppose you are shading a complicated 3D scene. The camera moves swiftly throughout the scene, causing some objects to be moved into different levels of detail. Since you need to aggressively optimize for memory, you bind resources to cope with the demand for different LODs. Perhaps you use a texture ...
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