Visual Studio Online Update – June 3rd

Brian Harry

***PLEASE READ*** Ahh, my fortune for “delayed publish” in Live Writer.  I was trying to grab screenshots for this and accidentally hit publish a day too early.  The release notes won’t be published until tomorrow (June 3rd).  I’m sorry for the inconvenience but with the number of people who get email notifications of my blog post, there’s no pulling it back, so I’ll just leave it up there.

Today, we begin the process of rolling out our sprint 83 results.  You can read the release notes to see the highlights of the new features.

The kanban and task boards are making great progress towards having all the features you want.  Coming soon will be custom coloring.

I want to comment on one nuance that I don’t even know how many people will notice – but I think it’s important.  As we’ve added more and more features to the boards: customizable cards, search, sub columns, swim lanes, etc. the amount of “chrome” has gradually grown.  When I first saw mock up with all of these features on a board and the new swim lanes feature from this release, it became clear to me that we’d outgrown the visual design that we had and the board was starting to look cluttered with chrome.  So one of the other things we did this sprint was to subtly de-clutter the boards.

I don’t have a perfect before and after picture for you but I’ll show you a picture from my account (that hasn’t been upgraded yet – it will be in the next couple of days along with yours :)) and one that has been upgraded.

Image 4721 image thumb 3ACFF1AB

The “new” one below has swim lanes as well.  You’ll notice fewer lines and some shading changes.

Image 8321 image thumb 328374AC


Enjoy and we’ll see you again next sprint.



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