Team Foundation Server "15" RC 2 available

Brian Harry

Today we released RC2 of TFS “15”.  The key links are here:

You can check out the release notes for details of what’s new.  The release notes are a union of everything new in TFS 15 but you can identify changes since RC1 by looking for items tagged “New in TFS “15” RC2“.  As you can tell by the length of the release notes – many, many pages, there is a *ton* of new stuff in TFS 15.  Among my favorite enhancements since RC1 are:

  1. An improved pull request experience.  This has been getting rave reviews from internal users.
  2. Pull request auto-complete – a great way to fire and forget pull requests.
  3. The ability to purchase and install paid extension in TFS “15” (the release notes don’t list this one yet but I’m getting them updated).

This release is fully go-live and supported.  You can upgrade from RC1, TFS 2015 with any update, TFS 2013 with any update and TFS 2012.  You will, of course, also be able to upgrade from this release to the final RTM. Here are the requirements for this release. If you have a TFS server with a whole lot of test results in it, this release can take a long time to install.  We did a major overhaul of the test results schema – yielding about an 8X reduction in size.  But, during upgrade, the data has to be migrated to the new schema.  The setup should warn you if it looks like your server is going to take a long time.  Of course, a pre-prod test upgrade is never a bad idea for a large mission critical server.  If your server is going to take a long time, you can contact customer support and they can help you with a script that will do the test schema migration before you do the upgrade, while the TFS server is still online and functional. We’ve installed this on a bunch of internal production TFS servers and so far everything looks good.  Please let us know what you think or if you have any trouble. Thanks, Brian  


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