Rosario August CTP Released!

Brian Harry

Today we released the first CTP release for the Rosario version of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System.  You can download the VPC to try it our here.  You can read more detail about it here. As you’ll recall from previous postings, our 2 “pillars” for Rosario are “Testing & Application Quality” and “Business Alignment”.  This CTP delivers a mix of features supporting both scenarios – including an update MSF CMMI template, user definable links types, hierarchical work items, work item queries on links, an awesome manual testing tool and more. Over the few days, I’ll be posting longer descriptions of the new features and screenshots.  Rosario is still a pretty long way off and most people will likely want to continue to focus on Orcas (for which we just released Beta 2).  But I suspect some of you are going to want to see what’s coming next and this CTP gives you a great opportunity to do so.  If you have a chance, we’re eager to hear your feedback. Thanks,



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