More Expirations Coming Soon…

Brian Harry

This blog post has been replaced by: I have removed tha attached utility from this post as it is out of date.  Please see the post above for a newer version. Brian ———————  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the impending expirations of TFS Release Candidate installations and Trial installations that were installed soon after release.  Both the TFS Release Candidate and the TFS Trial Edition have 6 month expiration periods.  Many of the Release Candidate builds started expiring this month.  Trial Editions will start expiring in September. After that post, I received many mails asking how to tell which version is installed and when it will expire.  Unfortunately we didn’t have an easy way and we filled the gap by publishing a set of registry keys, etc you could look at. In the last couple of weeks, we have put together a utility that will detect what version of TFS and SQL you are running and tell you how many days you have left before expiration.  Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to easily detect how many days remain before a trial of SQL expires so for now it just includes that information for TFS. Here’s a screenshot of what the utility looks like:

  In general I’d recommend that you run the utility on the TFS application tier.  If you do this, you need not enter a computer name – blank means “this computer”.  You can run it remotely by specifying the computer name but you must have sufficient permissions, remote registry access must be enabled and the C$ admin shares must be accessible. Here is a link to a zip file containing the utility REMOVED. Hopefully this will enable people to avoid the surprise of coming into the office one morning and discovering that they can’t access their source or work items any longer. As always, please let me know if you have feedback.  If you find any bugs, we’ll fix them as quickly as we can and post an update.

  Thanks, Brian


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