An important milestone for TFS training

Brian Harry

This week we held what we call our “Beta Teach” of our 300 level training material in Chicago.  A “Beta Teach” is when we think we have all of the content ready and we bring in a group of people (in this case, about 20) and actually teach a class.  The goal is to figure out if the content is really ready and make any last minute “bug” fixes. To refresh your memory, we have 2 sets of training the the works – 200 level and 300 level. 

  • The 200 level material is designed to be a self paced E-Learning course with about 20-25 hours of content broken into modules allowing you to focus on what you want to learn.
  • The 300 level content is designed to be a classroom taught course.  The “full” course lasts 4 full days (and was successfully delivered Mon-Thurs in our Beta Teach).  It is also broken into modules to allow for shorter courses with various subsets of the content.

The great news is that the Beta Teach was a huge success!  We did find a small handful of things that need to be fixed and most of them were fixed “on the fly” during the week.  At the end of the course we had participants fill out evaluations and here’s the answer break down to the first question on the evaluation form:

1. Overall, how satisfied are you with this training course:

a. Very Satisified (9 responses)

b. Somewhat Satisifed (7 responses)

c. Somewhat Dissatisfied (0 responses)

d. Very Dissatisfied (0 responses)

For those of you familiar with surveys of this nature, this is resounding endorsement of the content.  Based on this, we are moving into the final mechanical phases to get both the 200 and 300 level content finalizaed and available to customers and partners. We are targeting to have it available in just over a month.  Thanks for your patience as we’ve worked through the long development process for this materal.  I believe you’ll be very happy with the results.



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